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Someone replied 15 days ago
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Greetings from Finland. Retrofitting in Europe?

Hello! This is fede from Finland. My wife and i are very interested in passive houses and have this crazy dream of getting a house on the Italian Alps retrofitting it to be a certified passive house. Is there anyone... (More)

Derek commented 6 months ago
What's On Your Mind?
Hi, I'm Eric and I am building an almost-passive house during 2022 in Corvallis, Oregon. As an oceanographer who measures many essential climate variables, I am keenly aware of the need to reduce both embodied and operational carbon in the... (More)
Jason commented 6 months ago
What's On Your Mind?
Hi, I am Dwight and live in Leesburg, VA. I am a registered architect and have been a CPHC for 3 years, but haven't had the opportunity to be involved with a passive house project yet. Still looking for the... (More)
Tiffany commented 6 months ago
What's On Your Mind?
Hello, my name is Nicole and I live in NYC. I am a real estate investor and want to invest in Passive Houses. Does anyone know of a person/company that is looking to collaborate?