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Cindi Anderson
Engineer, CPHT
Asked a question last year

Looking for solutions to heat an almost PassiveHouse. My 4000 sf house can be heated by 2 hair dryers, or 8 at peak loads. But despite my constant harping that everything is oversized, they've designed me a $75k system. (And this was a downgrade.) So other than mini-splits (which won't work well in my house because it is long, 2 story, many rooms, I don't want a lot of ducting, the only way to put them upstairs is in dropped ceilings, and they don't make them small enough to spread around), what are other options that look good and will pass code? (This is an extremely expensive house and has to look good.) One electric baseboard or wall heater per room? I realize electric resistance heat is not efficient but with super low loads, who really cares? It still adds up to almost nothing and the savings could be put into solar. Are there resources for heating strategies for PH homes? People who specialize in designing heating systems for them?

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